Tuesday, December 9, 2008

silver sparrow hawks

swallow cards
6x4" silver glitter paper on card stock
These are the cards I made at the MIT Luminous Windows opening. That night was so much fun! The table where you could make cards and hang out with little kids was definitely the best part. And the insanely good hot chocolate with marshmallows.
I love when flocks of birds all fly in unison, turning as though they were one body. So much like a school of fish. It's so interesting how soaring in the air and swimming in the ocean are so much the same.
Kate made me a great CD for my birthday. "These Days" by  Nico is on it, and I can't stop listening to that song. It's so good, so beautiful, and so accurate.
Today we had a Kestrel in our yard. We weren't sure what it was at first, but it looked so much like Julie Morstad's sparrow drawings for Neko Case's "maybe sparrow." The word "kestrel" popped into my mom's head, so we looked it up and discovered that was the bird in our yard and that, sure enough, its unofficial name is the sparrow hawk.
Kestrels look like birds of prey, with owl bodies and falcon faces with big wide innocent mouse eyes. That is how I would describe them.
I hope you all had a beautiful Tuesday!
love, amanda

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