Monday, December 22, 2008

for the animals

As you all know, our economy is in troubled times right now. Lots of people are being effected in many different ways. One of these "ways" which I've recently become aware of: how many people are having to give up their animals to shelters and pounds because they just can't afford their pets anymore. And the media has made it clear that these are not careless pet owners - these are people whose hearts are broken at having to give up their pets, animals that they've taken care of for years. My family knows first-hand how expensive it is to care for animals sometimes. We've cared for three cats and two dogs all at once, and all in their senior years, so I feel for those who are having to sacrifice their pets due to the expensive costs of veterinary care.
My local Veterinarian's Office has "The Bunky Walton Fund", named after one of their past patients. All the money donated to this fund goes toward vet bills for those who do not have enough money to pay. Not all Vet offices have a fund like this. It's a wonderful thing, especially in times like these.
So, tomorrow night at 9 PM eastern, I will be putting a signed artist print on ebay. Shipping will be paid for by me, and 100% of the money made will go to the Bunky Walton Fund to take care of some of these vet bills and to raise awareness of the situation. I'll be posting the link to the auction here tomorrow at 9 PM, as soon as it's up on ebay!
Everyone love the pets and people in your life, and feel blessed to have them.
(pictured are the pets I have lost in my life, my sweet Malley, Blacky, Gizmo, and Suchi, my first dog.)

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