Monday, December 8, 2008

tattooed pony

Hello, hello, hello!
"Window of Opportunity" sketchbook page.
I updated my portfolio with a sketchbook section. Currently there are about 15 sketchbook pages to be viewed.
This is a beautiful canary-yellow teacup and saucer my mom got me for my birthday at a consignment shop that just opened in our town, and Lisa Bess jewelry that I got at the annual Harvard Square holiday fair. Lisa is so nice and used to do set design for theater, which is something I have hopes of doing at some point.
The proud red pony I told you about, who looks just like the one in my new painting!
And finally, pages from Angelique Houtkamp's book "Tattoo Darling," which I've wanted since the summer and found on sale at Urban Outfitters for $9!
It's getting to the time of year where everything feels really warm and cozy for me. We're getting ready to decorate for Christmas and snow has decided to fall more frequently. One of our cats, Spotty, is currently not feeling well. Everyone think positive thoughts for him, please! He's so special to our family. We love him so much.
I hope you're all having an excellent week, and that you enjoyed the bit of snow yesterday if you were in this area.
Love, Amanda


rachel_jackson said...

i remember seeing that book at UO this summer and specifically thinking of your work and how a lot of it was similar to hers but how yours was so much better. and how you should have a book. the end.

Amanda Atkins said...

hahaha i love you

Molly said...

You know who Lisa Bess is?! No way! I have a bunch of her jewelry that I've gotten at craft fairs. She lives in Portland, so she does the MECA holiday fair a lot. I've loved her stuff since I was in, like, middle school =)

Amanda Atkins said...

awww! Yeah, I've only talked to her at the Harvard Sq. holiday fair the past few years, but every year I buy something from her. I love her so much! She's so sweet and her stuff is so awesome!